Kansas City Encounter

The drive seemed shorter than the 22 hours she spent in the car.  The kids were playing on their iPads, or chatting, mostly occupying themselves.  Sitting with her headphones, listening to music, the trip was more relaxing than any day in the last few months she could remember.  The last few weeks were filled with activity and preparation for this trip.  The competition would fierce, and the girls were practicing nearly every day.  Cheerleading was physically and mentally demanding, and her oldest daughter, now a teen surprised her with dedication and diligence to her training.  She listened to music long forgotten in her playlist, Rolling Stones classics, reminded her of her high school boyfriend.  The miles went by slowly, but the time passed quickly. Tampa had been on her mind for weeks.  She was going to see him again.  Him.
It was Friday night in Kansas City, she was spending the night at the Marriott.  Her girlfriends were all without their husbands for the weekend and they planned on a few Skinny Girl Margaritas and dancing.  She pulled up to the valet and noticed him standing outside, he was on the phone.  Something caught her eye, it was his skin, more bronze than white.  She caught herself staring and made eye contact for a second longer than was comfortable.  She handed her the valet her keys and spun around to see her friend Sam running skipping toward her.  Sam kissed her squarely on the lips and pushed through just enough tongue to let Sara know she had been drinking, she tasted of the syrup bartenders use to make Cosmopolitans.  The kiss surprised she because the last time they had been drinking together, they made out felt each other up, but were both embarrassed by it and the next day pretended it didn’t happen.  Sam had always been flirty when she had a few drinks, and Sara often caught her staring at her legs and boobs.  There was nothing to be embarrassed about Sara thought to herself, they had a few drinks and found each other attractive.  Still Sam was still happy with her husband, this irritated Sara somewhat when she thought of it, envy really as Sara had found her relationship with her husband slowly but definitely deteriorating.  Sara kissed her back and pushed her tongue twice as far as Sam did on the first kiss and grabbed Sam’s ass.  Something made her turn her head, it was him again, staring intently at the two of them.  Sara made a quick decision to blow him a kiss, the other option was giving him the finger, but she found him somehow seductive.  He was off the phone now, his hands in his pockets.  He was wearing jeans which fit him well and a dark suit jacket with a black t-shirt. He smiled at the kiss and turned his head as he strode off into the lobby.
“Do you know that guy” Sam asked
“No, never seen him before 30 seconds ago”
“Well you might as well take off your panties right now” Sam teased
They headed into the lobby.  The Marriott in Kansas City had a grand lobby, modern and inviting, with the bar immediately in front of you.  In the evenings it became crowded with revelers seeking to drink some stress off from dealing with Cerner or Sprint earlier in the day. Sam caught Sara’s hand and brought her to the bar where they had seats already.  There was Sam’s Cosmo.  Sara ordered a skinny girl margarita, she first tried one a few months ago and it immediately became her regular drink.
“Where is Camille?” Sara asked
“She will be here around 9, she had a late appointment” Sam explained
Camille was a massage therapist, but Sara had long suspected she offered more than a standard massage.  Camille drove a new BMW, and had quite a large apartment in Chicago, where she lived.  She managed to fly out to Kansas City 3 or 4 times a year for dinner or the weekend.  Sam and Sara talked about their kids and husbands.  Sam telling Sara how sorry she was things were going poorly with Nate.  Sara nodded and had to stop herself from letting a tear escape her eyelid.  They continued on, ordering another drink and some fried cheese curds to snack.  Sam got a text from Camille, she wouldn’t be there until the next day, and her flight was delayed from a storm in the plains.  Sam and Sara ordered some dinner and talked more.  Sara was getting drunk, but Sam more so, they were sitting close together and Sam’s hand was massaging her thigh.  She felt herself getting aroused, her thong clearly moist from feeling so.  Sam excused herself to use the restroom, but ordered another round before doing so.
When Sam left, Sara had closed her eyes, she thought about the beach, about Sam’s hand on her thigh, and about her mystery man catching the kiss she blew.  Sara absently opened her eyes and he was standing close enough for her to see his eyes were green. He smiled broadly, but didn’t speak.  He was staring at her, looking right into her eyes.  It made her uncomfortable, no man had ever looked at her like that.  Fiercely, intent with lust.  She looked away, and felt herself blush deeply.  Sam appeared, “Thank God” Sara thought to herself.
“Well hello, Mr Mystery Man” Sam chimed
“”I’m Sam, and this is my friend Sara”
“Nice to meet you both, I’m Lou” he spoke
“Where are you from Louuu” she held the last syllable a few seconds
“Tampa” he responded
“Wow, Florida, I love Florida” Sam said, a hint of slur reflecting her 4 drinks
“Do you like Florida Sara?” he asked looking at me
“Yes” I barely squeaked
They sat silently, he continued to stare at her.  Sara’s discomfort turned to arousal, she felt him touching her, his hand on her thighs, his tongue in her mouth, and she realized she was again getting wet, but this time no one was touching her.  She concentrated on his lips, staring at their perfectness.  They were moist and deeply red.
“Would you like a drink?” Sam asked
He nodded and ordered whisky.  The three of them talked about business, he was visiting to try to make a sale to Sprint.  He travelled frequently, but only occasionally to Kansas City.  The more they talked the more Sara imagined him on top of her.  Her legs pulling him into her, his breath on her neck.  Her pussy was slick for sure, and she felt the pooling of her arousal soaking the crotch of her panties.  Lou excused himself to make a call.
“Holy crap, he is hot” Sam exclaimed
“I know you want him to fuck you” she continued
“I do not, I’m still married” Sara bemoaned
“You just got finished telling me you haven’t had sex with hubby for 3 months, you need it girl!” she said
“You are right, something about him is so erotic” she agreed
“I’m going to leave you two alone, but if it doesn’t work out come to my room, I will be playing with myself, my magic wand is al charged up” she smiled and walked to the elevators
Lou returned, and asked what happened to Sam.  He leaned in and whispered in Sara’s ear, his breath hot, while his hand went to her thigh firmly, but gently.
“I want you to come to my room” he whispered
“right now”
Sara felt her pulse quicken, her legs tremble.  His hand massaged her thigh as it inched slowly toward her slick, throbbing pussy.  She closed her eyes and again imagined him on top of her, thrusting hard, as they kissed.  He grabbed her hand and led her to the elevators.  They waited for a few cars to go up, so they could be alone.  As soon as the door closed he grabbed her ass, he brought her to him, his other hand behind her head.  His tongue was strong and hot, her mouth accepted its penetration with fury.  He pulled her closer still until their pelvis was one undulating mass of hot flesh.  Her pussy was on fire, it was a river, she felt her juices stream down her leg as she prepared for him.  They kissed the entire elevator ride up to his room, and were startled when the door opened on floor 15.
They practically ran to his room he stopped and pressed her against the door and kissed her again.  His hand cupped her ass and his fingers between her legs.  He opened the door.  She felt like doing something wild, she had crossed the border and wasn’t going back.  She dropped down to her knees with the door still open, she felt his bulge and unzipped his jeans.  His cock was beautiful, large enough and long enough she knew she was going to enjoy herself.  She immediately took him in her mouth, one hand pumping his shaft as her mouth sucked on the head.  Lou began to move his hips involuntarily, Sara’s attention to his cock made him take a deep breath, and he couldn’t believe the perfect blow job he was getting.  He told her to get up and get undressed, he didn’t want to cum and wanted to see her naked.  Sara had become shy over the last few years, she had gained some weight after her kids were born and didn’t feel as sexy as she once did, and she hesitated for a moment.
“you are beautiful, I want you naked” he encouraged her
“I want to worship your body, and make love to you” he continued.  This was enough for her, she became naked quickly.  He slowly walked to her and kissed her.  She undressed him as they kissed.  She felt his cock pressing into her, so hot and hard.  She felt it pulse with his heartbeat as they kissed.  She grabbed it and her hand was hot.  He massaged her ass and she felt his finger playing with her asshole.  He brought his hand to his mouth and moistened his finger, it entered her asshole easily when he brought it back.  She loved kissing him, and his finger buried in her asshole was making her so hot, she felt waves of pleasure ride across her pelvis.  Somehow she was on the verge of orgasm without him touching her clitoris, this was strange to her, and never had she felt such pleasure without her clit being rubbed.  She moved her ass up and down on his finger as they continued to kiss, her pussy throbbed intensely.  He juices flowed like a river and her legs trembled.  She moved more rapidly along his strong finger as they kissed.
“Oh my god” she moaned as she came, her undulations continued in rapid succession as she orgasmed.  He thrust his finger deeply into her anus as she came and she almost fainted from the rush of pleasure, she was limp in his arms as he laid her on the bed.  She expected to go to sleep and wake up from a dream.  He had no intention of letting her fall asleep.  Quickly he found her clitoris with his tongue, flicking it slightly.  Back and forth he went from the moisture of his firm tongue to the gentle suction of his mouth.  She felt arousal building up again, and began to get hot, very hot.  She squeezed her thighs as he continued to assault her engorged clit.  He reached around and put his hands under her but and she put her hands on his head and mushed him into her pussy.  The waves of pleasure started again, she felt another orgasm not far away.  My god she thought what is this man doing to me, she didn’t want it to end.  He stopped for a few seconds and brought his head up to look at her.
“Do you want me to stop” he asked with a sly grin on his face
“I will kill you” she shot back
He dipped his head back down, and let just the tip of his tongue touch her, back and forth he pressed her clit with his tongue.  It felt so hot, an electric shock every time it touched her.  Her back felt full and she knew she was going to cum again.  Suddenly he pulled her clit into his mouth and sucked hard.  She had tunnel vision as the pleasure welled up in her, the throbbing became an unstoppable freight train as she bucked hard as a most powerful orgasm rolled over her.  The rest of the nigh was equally unbelievable, they fucked for hours and she couldn’t walk to the bathroom when she tried to pee in the middle of the night.  He woke up early and went to the airport.  He left a note telling her to get in touch when she was in Tampa for the cheerleading competition.
Sara got out of the minivan and realized her pussy was wet.  She had been daydreaming about that night in Kansas City. Her daughters ran into the lobby of the hotel. She looked at her phone when it vibrated, it was Lou/
“you here yet” he asked
“just got here, need to stretch” I responded
“I wish I could see you tonight, but its ok, it will make me appreciate you even more tomorrow”
They had planned to meet the next evening, she didn’t know if she was going to make it.
The girls were so excited to be in Tampa, they went immediately to the pool.  Sara had a few drinks with dinner, and quickly her thoughts turned to him.  She wanted to put her hands between her legs at dinner, she was flushed.  Her grandmother, who was with her helping with the kids, asked if she was feeling ok.  When they got to the room she hurriedly got the kids ready for bed and retired to her room.
She got under the covers naked, her pussy was throbbing and wet.  She didn’t masturbate regularly, really almost never.  It just didn’t seem necessary.  However, tonight the urge as unstoppable.  She was in Tampa, his cock would be in her so soon.  Her hand found the wetness between her legs.  She touched her clitoris lightly, small circles as she breathed deeply.  Her eyes closed as she imagined his cock, her mouth opened unconsciously ready to accept it.  Faster she circled her clit as her berating became short.  She flexed the muscles in her legs as he hand became slick with the wetness of her pussy.  She wanted him now, why did she have to wait.
“Oh fuck” she groaned, a bit louder than she wanted.  She fell asleep.
Sara went through the next day wishing every minute away.  Lou was picking her up at 6:30.  He had changed the plan, his house was empty for the weekend and he was going to bring her back there.  She had asked him what to wear, he texted back:
“wear a skirt, no panties”  She was in the lobby of the hotel, the cool breeze coming from the water felt good on her labia while she waited.  She felt devilish without underwear, it made her feel adolescent and free.  She saw him pull up.  He exited the car and walked around to open her door, his behavior always reflected a gentleman’s attitude toward her.  It made her lust even deeper.  They talked as they drove, past big houses, along the water.  She wondered if he had any nosy neighbors who may be spying her entering the garage.
Lou quickly fixed her a drink, her favorite Skinny Girl, he had remembered and bought some.  They kissed lightly as they shared a drink.
“When was the last time you went skinny dipping?” he asked
“it’s been a long time, I can’t remember when” she responded
“take off your clothes and get in the pool, I’ll grab towels” he commanded.
She walked to the back porch and let her skirt and shirt drop to the floor.  The water was warm and felt nice on her body, her nipples quickly became erect, even in the warm water.  He walked out name, already hard.  His penis was funny bobbing up and down as he walked.  His skin as bronze as ever, was smooth and made her want to kiss him.  He entered the water and pulled her to him.  They floated as he kissed her, his tongue found her mouth waiting, and wanting.  It was strange to her, becoming excited in the pool, she couldn’t feel her wetness, but knew her pussy was ready, it felt hot and her labia felt thick in the water. Her hand found his cock, hard, and impossibly hot.  She wanted to get underwater and suck him, but didn’t think it possible while holding her breath.  He brought his mouth to her nipple, rolling it across his teeth gently but firmly.  She massaged his cock as his hands pulled her ass toward him. They kissed for a long time with his cock in her hand.  She was in heaven.
He lifted her out of the water and brought her to the chaise, she put on a towel when she felt a chill.  He took it off as she bent down and took his cock in her mouth.  He tasted of salt water and was hot in her mouth.  She tasted his precum as her mouth sucked him.   She wanted to swallow him whole, she wanted him to cum in her mouth right there.  She massaged his balls, and brought her hand up and down his shaft.  Lou pulled her head up and told her he wanted to be inside her.
“you are beautiful, sit on my cock and ride me” he told her.
“I want you” she said.
Her pussy was so wet and slick his hard cock slid in easily. She almost came on the spot when her clit bumped his pelvis, but she held on.  Slowly she ran her pussy along the length of his hard cock, every motion rubbing her clit just the right way.  Faster she motioned her pelvis and felt her legs tremble.  Waves of pleasure rolled from her pelvis to her stomach, she felt it hard to breathe as the electric pleasure from her clit made her feel aloft.  Faster she rode him, harder, her orgasm was a trickle, followed by and ocean of pleasure.
She gasped “Oh god, oh god” , “I can’t believe I finished before you” she remarked as he continued to thrust.  He sped up his thrusts as his hard cock started to hit the back wall of her vagina, suddenly she was cumming again
“how are you making me cum again??” she gasped again
He held his breath and came, although he was wearing a condom, she felt the hot semen fill her canal.  He bumped her clit a few more times , then began to relax.  She lay down on top of this chest and felt so satisfied, so full, and so happy.  They lay together in post coital weariness, breathing slowly.  He motioned for her to get up and they both got back into the warm pool.  She swam for a bit, then got out and lay on a towel by the side of the pool. They talked some more, and he fixed her another drink.  He ran his hands up and down her body, slowly, it was more sensuous than sexy and she enjoyed it as she relaxed at his touch.  Lou went back inside and brought out more drinks.  He was starting to get hot outside and the cool drink was refreshing.  She looked him to find his eyes locked on her, that lustful stare which made her so hot for him.  He continued to stare as he brought his fingers over her breasts.
“Let’s go inside and sit by the fire” he said
They walked inside and sat by the fire he had turned on earlier.  She absorbed the warmth of the fire as she sat close.  He pulled her head toward him and kissed her.  He took her hand and brought her to the couch where they fucked again.  She lost count for the evening after 6 orgasms.  She was awash in sweat and pleasure, she didn’t want it to end.
He dropped her off back at the hotel, but walked in for a drink at the bar.  She wanted to know when they could see each other again.  He was going to be alone in a few weeks, and asked her to come back.  A sinister thought crossed her mind.
“Do you want me to bring a friend? ” she asked
“What do you mean?” he pretended not to understand
“I want to bring Sam with me when I come back, I want both of you at the same time” she said in a low voice, almost whispering.
” I can barely handle you” he responded  “But the thought of you in so much pleasure is making me hard right now”
” I will see you in a month and I will have a friend with me”

Some erotic fiction I have been writing

Elie hurried toward the gym help forget the remnants of a miserable afternoon. Creative writing had always been one of her favorite subjects, now she was struggling to just pass. The semester had started badly, the first day she walked into class and heard the deep, and difficult to understand accent on her English professor, she knew it wasn’t going to be enjoyable. Her recent test was her first F, ever, and she was devastated, she cried for almost an hour, until her eyes became swollen and pink. The last few weeks had allowed her to raise her grade somewhat through short essay work, and oral discussion. Today she heard the bad news that the final exam would contribute 50% of her term grade. Walking back from class in the afternoon she often made it to the gym, an athlete in high school, Elie always used exercise as a way to keep fit, but also as primary stress relief.
She buzzed away on the stair master, her body sweating out her anger and frustration. From the corner of the gym she saw him enter, Lou Pellegrino. He was in her English class, he always sat near the left front because he was often late and the seat was close to the door. An unbelievable specimen of maleness, his eyes green, skin olive and hair buzzed close to his scalp. She saw him at the gym pretty regularly and his physique matched his face in perfection. It didn’t come without effort, he was a crossfit crazy and usually spent at least an hour there, she didn’t know how often he was there, but it seemed he was there whenever she was.
She was staring when he caught her eye. Embarrassed she turned her head down to look at the stairmaster display, she had been on almost 60 minutes. He started to walk toward her, she feebly pretended not to see him.
“Hi” he said like they had been friends for years.
“Hi” was all she could say back, her cheeks now flush with deep red.
“We have English class together. What’s your name? I’m Lou”
They started to talk about their shared awful English prof, he wasn’t failing like her, but he had a solid C which made him equally unhappy. She stepped off the stair machine and they continued talking. He lived in the same mega apartment complex and offered to walk with her home. They talked on the way and he touched her arm a few times, seemingly inadvertently, but enough to cause her pause, and enough to cause the familiar cascade and she felt herself getting excited. She thought to herself – How is this possible, I barely know him, he touches my arm and my juices go into high gear. She hadn’t had sex in months, and she had never really had good sex. Her vibrator, her only companion recently and the thought of Lou fucking her started to really make her hot. They continued toward her apartment, her pussy now had a mind of its own. She started to feel her secretions pool in the crotch of her exercise spandex, there was already collected sweat and now there was a considerable amount of liquid which she could feel sloshing with every step.
At the door Lou was saying goodbye, he paused for just a moment his head at such an angle that a kiss was inevitable. They leaned in and their lips met, a brief peck but hard and clearly smoldering passion. What came over her, she does not know, but she asked if he wanted to come in for a shower. He smiled and without a word they walked in to her apartment. Her roommate was out of town so the place was somewhat tidy compared to its everyday state of chaos. They kissed again, this time deep, their mouths open and tongues exploring each other. She was supercharged with desire, her pussy throbbed and she involuntarily moved her hips. His hands found her sweaty ass and grabbed hard, bringing her close to him. They continued to kiss for minutes, their hands exploring each others bodies. She pulled back and motioned to the shower. “Undress me” she commanded. He approached her with a knowing grin. His fingers found the bottom of her shirt and pulled it in one swift motion over her head. Her sports bra was more of a challenge and they turned into a sort of erotic wrestle getting it off.
He gazed at her apple sized breasts. She had always been self conscious about her large nipples, but he was frozen by them, perfect round nipples, long and hard from their embrace. He knelt in front of her and started to pull down her pants. He rolled the spandex because it stuck to her sweat covered legs. His face stood inches from her pussy, the pungent aroma permeated his nostrils. He could see the wetness between her lips. She had recently shaved and there was no hair to disguise her excitement. His tongue protruded forth toward her without thought, she stopped his head with her hand. “Not until we shower” She wiggled the shorts fully off and turned toward the bathroom. He heard the shower start. Lou was half naked when her heard her call “Coming?”
He hurried off the rest of his equally sweaty clothes and bounced toward the shower. He walked into a steam filled room, bigger than he expected for the size of the apartment. He could barely see from the steam, the warmth of it felt pleasant against his nakedness. His erection from earlier had subsided, but quickly came back when the shower door opened. She was perfection. Her breasts now wet were even more perfect, the brown nipples glistening with hot water. His gaze followed the natural curves of her body as she stood welcoming him. Her abdomen was perfectly flat, with a slight ripple of muscle, but remaining very feminine. Her pussy lips were long and pink, without any hair to hide them he wanted to jump at her immediately, but took his time without letting his eyes move from her legs. He stood still and stared and his erection grew. She became self conscious for a moment while he stared, but his hardening cock removed any doubt. It was long and thick, dark with veins and a mushroom shaped dark head which looked large and delicious.
He stepped into the shower, into her welcoming arms. He kissed her hard on the mouth, tongue to tongue. She embraced the warm saliva mixed with the hot steamy water. He left her mouth and softly kissed her cheek, then her neck, slowly he kissed her shoulder, his head travelled down to her chest as he bent forward. His mouth engulfed her nipple, he sucked hard. The vacuum on her nipple made it long and hard, he nibbled on it gently like a gummy bear. She held his head has he sucked hard, then soft, she was in ecstasy. He lifted his head and reached for the soap, lather covered his hands as he massaged her breasts and brought the silky shea butter soap around to her back, then lower to her ass. She was covered in thin film of soap which made her slippery and made her feel very sexy. He brought his around to her back, then lowered it to her wet ass and pulled her in tight. She nearly came when his finger found her asshole. He turned her to rinse off her breasts and returned her nipple to his mouth, unrelenting in delivering pleasure, his finger dug deeper into her anus. She had never liked anything anal, but this was wonderful. Strange waves of pleasure hit her as his finger fully plunged in and out of her lubricated asshole. The soap allowed him to introduce a second finger and she began to move her butt back and forth to meet the full length of his fingers. She felt the waves of pleasure rise up from her ass to her back and stomach, she felt weak. She gasped and came suddenly, her throbbing vagina not yet touched. She couldn’t believe it, the powerful orgasm she had experienced from his fingers in her ass left her breathing heavy and wanting more.
He looked her in the eyes and kissed her again. Lou then knelt in front of her and started to attack her clitoris with his tongue. She could hardly believe what was happening, this gorgeous man was devoting himself to her pleasure. Her first orgasm had left her breathless and her clitoris was not in his mouth, she felt the familiar tingling start again. Her clit had swollen from her orgasm and was ultra sensitive, he rolled it between his tongue and teeth, the pressure sent jolts of electric like pleasure waves through to her back. She was moving her pelvis rhythmically with his licking, she had to hold herself up as her legs weakened, she brought her other hand to the back of his head and thrust herself forward as the pleasure built up.
He found the taste of her intoxicating, the mix of steamy hot water, trace of soap and the river of secretions from her hot cunt were in his mouth. He wanted to suck for days, this was utter heaven. Her pussy was beautiful, smooth, and flat, link pink and brown on the outer folds and deep pink below her clitoris. Her clit had grown to twice its length as he sucked. He made his tongue straight and hard to dive it deep into her like a small penis. She move her hips to fuck his hardened tongue. He grabbed her ass with both hands to massage it and bring his face in closer.
The waves of pleasure grew and grew, she felt a second orgasm coming. She was barely able to stand now, his tongue was flicking her clit rapidly as he alternated between licking and sucking. The contractions started in her thighs, then her buttocks, her asshole closed hard and she grunted, then gasped as her orgasm took hold. More powerful than the first, she became momentarily dizzy and almost passed out. Her pussy felt like it was covered in hot peppers, it was on fire. Lou kept licking, she had to back away because it was too intense. He stood up and again looked into her eyes. He brought her hand to his hard cock, it was hot and slick from the steam and hot water. She put her hand around it and couldn’t believe its girth.
She quickly got the soap and covered his rock hard dick and her hands to make them slippery. She moved across the whole length of his erection with her soapy hands and he groaned out loud. The effect on him was immediate and intense she moved her hands back and forth quickly and he started to shake on the verge of orgasm. She stopped suddenly, she didn’t want him to cum yet. She rinsed his throbbing hard cock under the water to remove the soap. While he had his eyes closed she turned the water to cold, he jumped and yelled, but it had the desired effect and his erection softened and moved him from the verge of orgasm. The water became hot again and she kneeled in front of him.
She traced down his chest and abdomen with her hands, ripples of muscle with just enough hair began to excite her anew. She reached his manhood and placed it directly into her mouth. It grew quickly to its full and massive erect state. She moved her mouth to a smaller o shaped size and popped his cock in and out to create the feeling of suction, with her hand she moved across his shaft quickly. She did this a few times and felt him begin to tense up, his buttocks clenched. She anticipated his orgasm and began swallowing as the first spurts of his cum hit the back of her throat. He came and came, she almost didn’t keep up with the volume of his semen but she managed to keep it all in her mouth, and swallow it. The taste was perfect, hot water mixed with salt, it tasted of a man and her body knew it.
He brought her to standing and kissed her on the neck softly, then on the mouth. He could taste his own cum and it excited him. She was already throbbing again, her cunt became heated again when she was tasting his love juice. She reached down to find him hard again, she had never seen a man become this hard again this quickly. He reached for the soap and began to spread it over her body, she turned around to help cover her self with it. His hands glided down to her ass and began spreading it to her cheeks and between them. His hand moved to her asshole and found her opening with his fingers. She felt him position himself behind her and knew what was coming. His cock was between her cheeks and touched her anus, slowly he pushed and the soap and arousal welcomed him. She pushed back and felt the surge of pleasure as her entered him. She had never tried anal sex, and had never wanted to, but she now felt full and the pleasure was intense as it travelled forward toward her now gushing pussy. He reached around and began to make small circles on her clitoris as he began to thrust pushing his dick all the way until she felt his balls slap at her ass.
Faster he moved in and out as his hand kept the pressure on her clitoris. She was breathing fast, and ripples of pleasure moved up and down her body. His cock was filling up her ass and she was loving it. Her hips moved to meet him as they found a motion together. His grunts told her he was ready as well, she needed one more minute. She put her hand over his and modified the pressure on her clit just enough to increase her arousal. Her legs started to buckle as he was moving faster still. She heard him gasp and push forward deeply and hard, an incredible warmth erupted into her rectum as he came, it felt like gallons. That was all she needed and she exploded into orgasm. They turned to face each other and kissed again, as they lowered themselves onto the floor of the shower and sat there as the water washed over them.
Finally, what could have been an hour, she stood up and turned off the water, the bathroom was covered in moisture every square inch. They dried off and crawled into bed exhausted and found a deep sleep.
Chapter 2
That experience stayed with her for days.