Charcoal Vanilla

Philadelphia has always been a city seeking an identity, one which was lost since the decline of its colonial importance. I found myself there on business, determined to find the real city, the one hinted at from my previous visits. My meetings concluded earlier than I anticipated and had some hours to enjoy the city.  I visited a few bars in a college neighborhood, Philadelphia is filled with higher learning.  College students know a cheap bar, and know how to enjoy themselves.  My last visit, chance happened upon me the delightful woman I was now eager to see again.  Half my age, the maddeningly beautiful and irresistibly cute pixie would be arriving in less than an hour. We did nothing more that talk when we first met, politics, neuroscience, cars, ice cream, we created the sort of connection a man and woman feel as a prelude to nakedness. We emailed and texted a few times, innocent but flirtatious.  When I told her I was returning,  she surprised me by suggesting we meet for a cocktail.  Boldly, I requested she wear something specific, and she responded quickly and enthusiastically.

I sat nervously at the bar drinking my second whisky waiting for her to arrive. A few chairs down the bar a woman glanced at me , she had the look of a well travelled woman,  she possessed the sophisticated beauty not possible in a younger woman.  She was physically alluring, dressed with graceful ease, accentuating her lithe form.  Glancing back at her created a not unpleasant stirring in my loins.  The sort of warmth from escalating blood flow which leads to arousal.  I slowly sipped my drink, enjoying the smoky flavor of a good whisky. She appeared next to me, slipping onto the barstool without a sound.  Her smile welcomed me, and brought the familiar pleasure of knowing you’re with someone who is excited to be near you. I had planned to seduce her over a bottle of champagne, but in the lobby of the hotel earlier I overheard a group of teenagers describing what sounded like an ice cream shop not to be missed. When I suggested we go for ice cream her smile widened

” I was in the mood for ice cream. How in the world did you know??”

We left the bar. As we walked to the elevator she walked in front of me, her feminine form visible beneath her tight black dress. Such effortless beauty was a gift from god she possessed and wielded gently.  I imagined a black lace thong beneath her dress, holding shape against her rounded shape.  The elevator door shut and I immediately kissed her soft warm lips. She let out a purr, and the image of a satisfied cat made me smile.  I felt her tongue in my mouth,  moist and hot.  She thrust her pelvis into me and my mouth tasted of whisky and woman.  Unconsciously my hand massaged her ass, firm and muscular from her hours in the ballet studio.  My erection was now beginning to uncoil as our tongues lingered.  The bell of the lobby drew us apart and headed out to the lobby.

She moved quickly in her bedroom, she didn’t want to be late.  He, He was coming back.  She had already used the shower massager to masturbate to orgasm, the tension and excitement thinking of him was too much, too overpowering, too intoxicating to ignore.  She was in her favorite lingerie, dancing to the Lana Del Ray station on Pandora, while she delicately applied understated make-up.  Mr. fantasy was coming back,  a man she didn’t think existed was coming back to take her out.  They had met at a grungy bar, the kind where someone buying you a pitcher of stale beer was considered a gallant pick-up gesture.  They had talked all night, connected in a way she had never felt with a man,  the effortless conversation ate away the time until it was late.  A gentleman, he walked her home without  even an attempt at a kiss.  When they exchanged numbers she had expected little, she was a student, he was an accomplished doctor.  What did they have in common?  They had texted over the last few weeks, increasingly flirty and funny.  When he said he was returning for a visit, she suggested they meet.  Tonight.

“What time does he get here”  her friend texted

“I’m meeting him at 7” she replied


“You know that black dress, with the pleats.  He suggested something classy and elegant.” she replied

“Wow, I love a man who takes control” her friend shot back  “Are you ready yet?”

“I know, I know.  But, I am so horny right now, I already had to change my thong!”

“You better take care of business before you go out!” her friend replied

“I did already! I can’t do it again. hahha”  she laughed out loud

She finished getting dressed, her dress was black and the material hugged her hips nicely.  Excitedly she made her way to meet him.  She arrived and spotted him at the bar.  Salt and pepper hair, cut short.  Jeans and a sport coat,  dark skin and green eyes visible from afar.   They chatted for a few minutes and talked about ice cream.  She would have said yes to a glass of sand.  They walked to the elevator, she intentionally walked in from of him and exaggerated the sway of her hips.  Dancers legs working magic, no male was immune.  She looked up at him in the elevator, his tallness added to his appeal.  His kiss was perfect, so sexy and soft.  She thrust her pelvis into him, and recoiled when she realized the aggressive nature of her thrusting.  His tongue was smooth and warm.  She felt her labia flush with blood, her thong quickly soaking wet.

‘My god” she thought ” I wont make it through the night”

We strolled carelessly through center city toward China town.   The ice cream bistro had a small door which led into a bright white layout with trendy music playing.  I ordered the charcoal vanilla which was recommended.  He ordered the same with chocolate sauce.  We were told they add charcoal to the vanilla for color , but also for a grainy density which produced a wonderful umami.  The experience was powering,  the wonderful taste in my mouth and seeing his gaze,  knowing he was undressing me mentally,  made me flush.  We walked and talked and ate the quickly melting ice cream.  I would fill my mouth and imagine his hands on me, his grip on me his tongue on me.  My heartbeat increased,  I had to take a deep breath to send more oxygen to my lungs.

We made our way back to the hotel.  In the lobby there was a large family with strollers and their own ice cream.  We paused and he offered them the elevator, again a gentleman.  We entered the next car, staring at each other.

“There is something so sexy about kissing on an elevator” he said.  Our lips together and separated as his tongue penetrated my mouth, like a snake finding its prey.  My mouth was full of tongue and I sucked on him as he was now the one thrusting his pelvis forward.  We exited the elevator and walked, and walked.

“How far is your room?” I laughed

“I picked one far from everyone else, so they wouldn’t call security when they heard our cries” he said, a devilish grin on his face.

We opened the door and I excused myself to the restroom.  I looked at myself in the mirror, my face was flush my pupils dilated.  I at to pee and felt my wetness, my underwear was soaked through.  I pressed my clitoris and felt its prominence, rubbing ever so slightly.  Ummmm.  I opened the door to low light, he was sitting in the high backed chair in the corner.  Almost running, I put myself on his lap.  I could feel his hardness.  His hands in my hair, he brought our lips together.  His tongue was somehow more hot than before.  Our mouths struggled to open as we pressed against each other.  My hand searched for his hardness, his erection now full and warm.  My pussy ached, it needed to be filled.  I felt my wetness flowing as I sought to grind myself on this thigh.  My hand searched for his zipper,  yearning for his hot flesh.  He lifted me effortlessly and walked over to the mirror.  I was so small in his arms, I felt protected and desired.  When he put me down he pulled my zipper down slowly as he kissed the nape of my neck.  I was before him in my thong and bra, normally I would feel self-conscious or vulnerable.  In front of him all I felt was desire.  His zipper was open and I massaged his hardening cock out of his jeans, his lack of underwear was a nice touch.  His cock was hot, I squeezed it as I milked its length and was paid in a throbbing hardness.  My knees buckled as I imagined it in my mouth.

My hand was on my clitoris, I had been rubbing it unconsciously.  I attempted to get on my knees and take his hardness in my mouth as I had to swallow a collection of saliva which was building.  He stopped me.

“No” he said

“I want you in my mouth, I need you in my mouth” I said achingly

He turned me around and placed my hands palm down on the desk in front of the mirror.  He gently removed my bra and lovingly cupped my breasts.  He brushed his nails down the small of my back as I felt him removing his pants.  I felt his hands on my ass, he spread my cheeks and his hot and hard tongue explored my thong.  I pushed against his mouth, my clitoris wanted contact.  He stayed on his knees and pulled down my panties.  His mouth went back to my pussy,  deep into my canal it searched, finding my swollen clitoris at its peak. When his tongue touched my button I jumped, the electric shock difficult to withstand.  He removed his tongue from my pussy and his fingers gently rubbed me.  I felt his tongue on my asshole,  it was ever so hot and pushed into me, it was difficult to imagine something so pleasurable.  His fingers continued their assault on my engorged clitoris and his tongue darted into my anus.  I looked in the mirror, I could see his hand massaging me.  The waves of pleasure started in my glutes and went into my back.  My god.  The orgasm washed over me quickly, my thighs ached.  I had never cum so quickly and intensely.  I was breathing fast and hard.


He lifted me up and brought me to the bed, standing before me I admired his nakedness.  His chest and hard cock were beautiful, but his smile and confidence in my pleasure was his power.  I closed my eyes, my heart rate had slowed and I was able to catch my breath.  He climbed on the bed, I thought he would lie next to me and we would rest and enjoy our warmth.  Instead I felt his hands on my thighs, pushing slowly and gently, but with an urgent firmness.  I couldn’t believe it.  This wonderful man was invested in my pleasure, he wanted me to come, and wanted me.  I felt his tongue again, on my thigh right above my knee, it was soft and wet.  His hands kneaded my thighs, I reflexively flexed them to his touch.  His grip separated my leg further as his massage continued, it was a deep undulating feeling.  I felt his tongue inching up toward me, I surprised myself by becoming wet again quickly.  The blood flow to my labia created an urgency to my wetness, a flow which increased.  I wanted his tongue on me, but he persisted in slowly massaging my thighs as his tongue made its way closer.  I touched myself, my clitoris was again hard and full of blood.  I pressed with one hand and grabbed his head with the other.  I pulled him toward me, but he resisted and continued to slowly lick my inner thighs.  My clit grew more engorged as I rubbed.  It was torture, his tongue was so close.  I scooted myself down to try and make contact.  I was trembling, waves of contractions were in the muscles of my but and travelled to my thighs.  He grabbed my hands, moved them from my pleasure.  He put his mouth over me but didn’t touch me.  He breathed hard and long, he used his hot breath on me like a finger.  I felt him breathing,  the hotness flowed across my clitoris and labia.  The effect was incredible,  the temperature of my loins increased and caused more blood to flow.

Finally I felt his mouth on me.  The explosion of heat and warmth and wetness nearly sent me to another orgasm.  He let his mouth linger without moving, just contact.  I thrust my pelvis into his face, I craved him.  Slowly the suction coaxed my clitoris out of its hood, and into his mouth.  Harder he sucked and the vacuum made my clit grow harder and larger.  Then his tongue, his tongue.  The suction and licking sent a violent surge of electricity from inside of my pussy up my spinal cord to my brain.  I saw stars as I gasped for air.  Still he continues to suck and lick me as I thrashed on the bed.   His hands were now under me on my ass, squeezing and pulling me toward him.  My second orgasm of the evening began to build.  It started in my back and flowed to my pelvis.  I felt muscles in my glutes contract, if I were standing surely I would have collapsed.  He was sucking madly,  assaulting my clit like a small penis, milking it for semen.  I had both hands on his head and ground myself into him  My eyes were open wide and the surge of pleasure created an aura, a pulsating blue aura which sequenced with my heart beat.  The waves of pleasure continued as my orgasm took hold.  My pelvis vibrated like the engine of a Ferrari.  I cried out.

“Don’t stop, please don’t stop…….”


The waves of pleasure continued, rippling through my abdomen.  Still his mouth was on me, now more gently and softly.  I descended from the heavens back to my bed.  I looked down to a smiling wet face.  We laughed loudly as he climbed up my body to embrace me. I felt his sweat, our bodies gliding, nearly frictionless from our shared exertion. He lay silently motionless, and I felt his heart beating.  The reverberations relaxed me and I began to breathe slowly and calmly.  I inhaled deeply through my nose.  The smell of sex often embarrassed me,  now with this sweaty man pressing against me I inhaled again, more deeply than before to flood my nares with the sticky smell.

There is an ancient connection between the human sense of smell and parts of the brain which modulate unconscious behavior.  Smells elicit memories and cause changes in heart rate and capillary blood flow.  This smell of my moist vagina and his sweat was filling me with arousal and happiness.  Pungent, and pleasant I enjoyed the feeling and closed my eyes. I thought again about the charcoal vanilla ice cream.   The taste and weight of it was unusual for soft ice cream. Memory of it lingered and I licked my lips.  Add this to the list of weird things I’ve thought about after sex.  I inhaled again, now the taste of the ice cream would irreversibly be associated with the smell of my moistened vagina and man sweat. My eyes closed.

His weight on me was comforting, I stroked his arm.  Olive skin and black hair, the softest hair, I felt it on my palm and between my fingers.  Suddenly I thought about when I first found pubic hair on myself.  I had been waiting all summer, my friends all had grown hair and I was waiting, I would look at myself naked and wish it to grow.  Then one day it was there, fine dark hairs, I ran my hand through them pulling them slightly to make them grow faster.  It was the type of memory which stays with you, a permanence which stays as you get older.  It wasn’t long after the amazing discovery of the evidence of my womanhood when I also became aware of my sexual self.  I started to masturbate later that summer, it was nothing at first.  Just a flick of my finger, a touch, which made my clitoris engorge with blood and labia slick.  I would lay on my bed at night my fingers gently, silently exploring.  This went on for a while before I had an actual orgasm.  One night I was particularly intent on pleasuring myself.  My pubic hair had by now grown thick enough to cover my mons pubis, but still thin and soft.  I was rubbing myself harder, and the urge to continue was irresistible, unstoppable.  A hundred thousand years of evolution leading me, the feeling in my pussy was like nothing I had experienced, and finally I felt the wave of pleasure I have now come to recognize.  I found myself smiling at the memory, and kissed his forehead as he breathed deeply.

When I opened my eyes, I was horny again, my slickness was returning.  I wanted him in my mouth and my pussy.  His penis was the perfect size and shape.  Long and thick, and shaped for penetration. I grazed his legs with my nails, trying to gently wake him.  He did not stir, I increased the pressure of my nails, scorching his upper thigh and buttocks. His skin was olive and my nails were trailed by a white line indicating my growing passion.  I reached around and found his crotch, his pubic hair thick and curly.  His cock was still soft, I rolled it between my fingers kneading the flesh.  He stirred, and purred like a sated cat.  His erection began to grow in my hand, I have always loved the feeling of a man’s hardness taking place in my hand.  My feminine power exerting itself over the hapless organ of pleasure.  As it grew, it became hot, hotter than the rest of his body, hotter still.  My hand closed and drew the soft skin, back and forth I wanted it to grow harder.  He reached to me, his hand behind my head and drew our lips to touch, his tongue waiting for me.  His pelvis bucked with my hand, I felt my power over him.  His cock called to me, I looked at my hand, dwarfed by his flesh.  The head was a purplish mushroom which awaited my mouth.  I released him and crawled down his torso.  His cock called me, my mouth was open as I reached him.  I was afraid it wasn’t going to fit in my mouth, my lips stretched over its girth and I sucked hard.  The taste was man, the smell of sweat in my nostrils lingered and his pungency emanated from his pubic hair.  The taste, the taste of his lubrication, slightly salty and warm, less so than semen but intoxicating nonetheless.  I removed myself from him so my tongue could lick up his shaft and around the crown.  I formed my mouth into a small circle and placed it atop the head and sucked while I forced my tongue into the tip.  He recoiled and shuddered with pleasure,  the effect I produced on him was pleasure to me.  I took another deep breath and the smell of him infiltrated me.  My heart raced as he undulated his pelvis to my suction.  I ran my hand up and down his shaft as I sucked and felt the heat, I wanted to drink his milk,  my other hand massaged his scrotum and urged his cum into my mouth.  His hand was behind my head, he pulled my hair gently but firmly.

“No” he said

“I want to to feel the strength of your legs on me pulling me as we fuck” he looked into my eyes as he spoke.

The light cut across his face and I remembered the greenness of his eyes, the emerald gaze which was so, so sexy.  He pulled himself to his knees, his cock so hard that it bobbed as he moved.  Quickly he unrolled a condom on himself.  He pulled me to him with no effort at all, my legs now straight his manhood aimed at my soul.  I felt the tip of his cock at my entrance, just a tickle. He pressed it into me, intentionally missing its mark, rather rubbing upward onto my hearing clitoris.  Slowly he pressed as the heat from his cock transferred into me.  I moved my legs off his shoulders and encircled him, attempting to pull him into me.  He resisted and only allowed himself to move an inch, my pussy screamed out in my mind.  It needed to be full, the heat emanated to me.  His weight descended onto me, the hard shaft filling me, stretching me.  I felt his heartbeat through his penis as it filled me.  Suddenly the familiar waves of pleasure were in my back and legs.  The tsunami was upon me, no build up, no crescendo, I bucked forcefully into him as he brought himself to my lips. My legs were in spasm with orgasmic force, and my abdomen rippled as the monster took hold of me.  The suddenness and intensity were incredible.  I felt him moving in me, I had forgotten we were still fucking.  I looked up at him, his green eyes peering into me.  I drew my legs into a circle and squeezed him.

“Harder” I cried out, yelling “harder”  he filled me.

The deepness was incredible.  Each thrust was an electric hum, my orgasm earlier had ripped across me but did not completely leave.  It lingered and was now again blossoming.  I felt his tongue in my mouth, so hard and hot.  His penis was a dagger of sexual pleasure, I needed it deeper, I pulled him into me.  He thrust deeply and his sweat was dripping on my chest.  I inhaled to breathe him into me.  He thrust faster and I felt my clitoris growing larger, I pushed myself into him to make it rub across his pelvis.  My butt clenched as my hands and legs pulled him into me.  The river of pleasure was now washing over me.  I closed my eyes, but there was light instead of darkness.  The light of human pleasure.

“Please cum with me” I grunted more than spoke.

He was breathing hard, I could tell he was close.  Faster he thrust, his cock impossibly hot stabbed into me. Our bodies slid against one another, slick with sweat and heat.  I wanted this moment to last forever.  Masculine and primal lust was driving him and the cloud of it surrounded me. Suddenly his weight was on me, I was smothered in lust and love.  My buttocks clenched with force,  and I forced my pelvis into him once more.  Another orgasm rolled over me, as I felt the heat of his condom as it filled with semen.  We were a sweaty mass of humanity, entangled lovers finding lustful satisfaction.

We held our lips together softly.  He moved to my ear and whispered

“You are my everlasting goddess”


My third orgasm of the evening, the escalating pleasure coming from a man who who was intent on pleasing me, who derived satisfaction from providing pleasure.  If men only know the powerful attraction caused when the focus is on the female erogenous, when the a man pays attention to our needs, our wants and desires.  So often the promise of a handsome face, or an enticing smile is lost after an immature selfish display during sex.  The specimen covering me knows our secret, how did he come across this knowledge.  He understands, he knows what I need, what we need together.  I shifted myself so I could breathe under his weight.  I ran my hands over his scalp, hair cut short and receding but suited him and lent a mature sexiness to his appearance.  I scratched his scalp in circles, feeling the short hair prickle under my nails.  I had always been attracted to very short hair, there is something masculine and powerful about a male unafraid to show his scalp.

My thoughts were broken by a new song which came on the radio.  Lana Del Ray, sang “Cola” my eyes closed and I listened to the waft of her voice.

My pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola
My eyes are wide like cherry pies
I got sweet taste for men who’re older
It’s always been so it’s no surprise
Harvey’s in the sky with diamonds
And it’s making me crazy
All he wants to do is party with his pretty baby
Come on baby, let’s ride
We can escape to the great sunshine
I know your wife and she wouldn’t mind
We made it out to the other side
We made it out to the other side
We made it out to the other side
Come on come on come on come on come on baby
Whoa ah yeah
I fall asleep with an American flag
I wear my diamonds on skid row
I pledge allegiance to my dad
For teaching me everything he knows
The silence parted and the song situated onto me, and I heard the lyrics for the first time.  I imagined Del Ray on a bed in New York City when she was at Fordham, after a late night performance, in the arms of a man such as mine.  A yearning satisfied. I had seen Lana Del Ray at the Trocadero, years before she became a household name.  The power of her songs caused her to cry between songs, so much emotion so much of herself in her performance.  Her music caused a collective undulation in the mostly female audience.  Swaying fro with the gentle beats and her mesmerizing voice.  I immediately bought her CD, when CDs were still a thing, now all her albums on on favorite in my Apple Music.  When we entered the hotel room earlier, he asked what music I liked.  Instead of being particular, I deferred to his taste – an annoying habit of mine which I vow to break.  In this case, he picked up his phone and turned on Lana Del Ray,  again demonstrating a magical ability to read my mind.  The music had been playing during our encounter,  drowned by the music of our passion, but now I let it wash over me adding to my utter satisfaction with my current state.
He popped his head up and asked if I would like a glass of wine.
“I feel like a whisky, something smokey.  Would you like a glass of wine?”
I wasn’t experienced with wine, only recently being legally able to obtain any alcohol. I wanted to sound sophisticated and thought of the only wine I knew.
“Yes, I would love a Chardonnay” I offered.
He arose from the bed, I admired his olive skin and imposing stature.  He didn’t seem so tall in the bed, only when he stood was I able to intake more of his masculine form.  He put on his jeans without underwear and donned a black t-shirt. He was going to the hotel bar, smelling of sweat and sex, without a care.  I blushed thinking of it, I would never have been able to leave the room without a shower.  He didn’t care.  I must have briefly fallen asleep, I felt him kissing me.  I opened my eyes to him sitting on the bed, he gracefully handed be the wine.  It smelled of oak and apples.  I went to sip it, but he offered me water first.
“Never drink wine when you are thirsty, it changes the taste”  he said
The wine tasted different than it smelled, less of apple and more of tree bark and we leaved, but delicious.  It wasn’t week at all, but crisp like an autumn day.  Wonderful, I thought to myself I would have to have sex before every glass of wine to make it taste so pleasant.  He sat in the chair across from the med and sipped his whisky.
“Stand up, stand here in front of me” he requested
I arose slowly and as smoothly as I could after being fucked silly and already feeling the effect of the wine on my empty stomach.  I was before him, standing idly, I couldn’t believe I started to blush.
“You have the most exquisite skin, it is so smooth and the color of Persian sand”  He glided his fingers to my lower back and his nails softly scratched the top of my buttocks.  I had already had 3 orgasms this night, each more powerful than the last.  Unbelievably my pussy started to become wet, I could fill my labia start to fill with blood and the knowing sticky moisture was blossoming.  He tilted his head up, looked into my eyes and raised the whiskey to his mouth.  Reaching around with both hands he squeezed my butt cheeks hard enough to smart and pulled me into his embrace.  I ran my hands over his scalp and pulled his ear.  I felt his stubble on my lower abdomen, he rubbed his chin slowly and let it scratch.  He raised his glass again and filled his mouth with the smokey whisky.
He pulled me again this time his hands under the bottom of my ass, tilting my pelvis up and aiming my clitoris into his mouth.  His lips were pursed and he guided my clit into the hole now formed by his taut lips.  I felt it encased as he applied suction.  I felt the suction on my clit causing it to elongate, to slide between his lips.  Then I felt the whisky which he had kept in his mouth, the sensation was warm, then became hot.  It almost burned, it had an immediate effect on my clitoris and I shuddered.  He slid his lips across my now electrified clitoris and circled the end with his tongue, all the while gently applying suction.  He used his hands to pull me and release me in a rhythm was was similar to a man penetration a woman, but my clitoris was not penetrating his mouth like a vagina.  He continued to suck as his whisky bathed tongue lathered the tip of my fiery clitoris.  The pace of his ministrations stayed steady as I felt myself begin to sweat.
I felt one of his hand leave my butt and saw him reach for something on the night table.  I wanted to fuck his mouth faster but he continued a slow steady pace.  I felt his hand pull my butt cheeks apart and felt his finger probe my anus.  He didnt penetrate, rather he made small circles around the muscular sphincter.  The effect of his finger circling my asshole and my long and now erect clitoris sliding into his whisky filled mouth was maddening, incredible pleasure.  My legs bent slightly, hoping to cause his finger to slip into me.  I put my both my hands on his shoulders has his finger passed my outer sphincter.  He pause his sucking and concentrated on slowly passing his finger through the inner sphincter of my asshole.  I consciously lowered myself onto his hand, his finger a white hot instrument.  As I impaled myself he took another drink of whisky with his free hand and tilted his head up and smiled.
Now full implied on his hand my asshole contracting he brought his mouth back to me, his tongue tracing the labia on the left then the tight before finding the focus of my feminine self protruding proudly.  His lips once again took my clit into his mouth, but now he wiggled his finger in my ass and began to rub an unseen areas behind my vagina has my clitoris slipped in and out of his mouth.  He bathed my engorged clit in whisky as his finger pressed into me.  I let out a yelp, which became a cry.  I had to steady myself on his shoulders as waves of pleasure rippled up my legs from my toes.  I felt the muscles in my abdomen fasciculate and my anus contacted around his finger.  I thrust my pelvis into his face and squeezed the back of his head and thrust my clit deeply into his hot mouth.  Faster I pumped as if I was a king fucking his queen.  My toes curled and I pulled his head into me.
Wave after wave of pleasure rolled across me like I was hanging from an electric fence.  I felt short of breath and imagined I was staring into the sun.  The finality of my orgasm was the eclipse across the sun in my eyes.  I felt myself collapse as he caught me and eased me back onto the bed.  My heart raced,  my body covered in an oily sheen of sweat , fatigued from the magnificence of the moment.  Orgasm, orgasm, orgasm. I felt his lips on mine, the whisky still abundant.  His tongue slid into my mouth and I tasted myself.

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