Some erotic fiction I have been writing

Elie hurried toward the gym help forget the remnants of a miserable afternoon. Creative writing had always been one of her favorite subjects, now she was struggling to just pass. The semester had started badly, the first day she walked into class and heard the deep, and difficult to understand accent on her English professor, she knew it wasn’t going to be enjoyable. Her recent test was her first F, ever, and she was devastated, she cried for almost an hour, until her eyes became swollen and pink. The last few weeks had allowed her to raise her grade somewhat through short essay work, and oral discussion. Today she heard the bad news that the final exam would contribute 50% of her term grade. Walking back from class in the afternoon she often made it to the gym, an athlete in high school, Elie always used exercise as a way to keep fit, but also as primary stress relief.
She buzzed away on the stair master, her body sweating out her anger and frustration. From the corner of the gym she saw him enter, Lou Pellegrino. He was in her English class, he always sat near the left front because he was often late and the seat was close to the door. An unbelievable specimen of maleness, his eyes green, skin olive and hair buzzed close to his scalp. She saw him at the gym pretty regularly and his physique matched his face in perfection. It didn’t come without effort, he was a crossfit crazy and usually spent at least an hour there, she didn’t know how often he was there, but it seemed he was there whenever she was.
She was staring when he caught her eye. Embarrassed she turned her head down to look at the stairmaster display, she had been on almost 60 minutes. He started to walk toward her, she feebly pretended not to see him.
“Hi” he said like they had been friends for years.
“Hi” was all she could say back, her cheeks now flush with deep red.
“We have English class together. What’s your name? I’m Lou”
They started to talk about their shared awful English prof, he wasn’t failing like her, but he had a solid C which made him equally unhappy. She stepped off the stair machine and they continued talking. He lived in the same mega apartment complex and offered to walk with her home. They talked on the way and he touched her arm a few times, seemingly inadvertently, but enough to cause her pause, and enough to cause the familiar cascade and she felt herself getting excited. She thought to herself – How is this possible, I barely know him, he touches my arm and my juices go into high gear. She hadn’t had sex in months, and she had never really had good sex. Her vibrator, her only companion recently and the thought of Lou fucking her started to really make her hot. They continued toward her apartment, her pussy now had a mind of its own. She started to feel her secretions pool in the crotch of her exercise spandex, there was already collected sweat and now there was a considerable amount of liquid which she could feel sloshing with every step.
At the door Lou was saying goodbye, he paused for just a moment his head at such an angle that a kiss was inevitable. They leaned in and their lips met, a brief peck but hard and clearly smoldering passion. What came over her, she does not know, but she asked if he wanted to come in for a shower. He smiled and without a word they walked in to her apartment. Her roommate was out of town so the place was somewhat tidy compared to its everyday state of chaos. They kissed again, this time deep, their mouths open and tongues exploring each other. She was supercharged with desire, her pussy throbbed and she involuntarily moved her hips. His hands found her sweaty ass and grabbed hard, bringing her close to him. They continued to kiss for minutes, their hands exploring each others bodies. She pulled back and motioned to the shower. “Undress me” she commanded. He approached her with a knowing grin. His fingers found the bottom of her shirt and pulled it in one swift motion over her head. Her sports bra was more of a challenge and they turned into a sort of erotic wrestle getting it off.
He gazed at her apple sized breasts. She had always been self conscious about her large nipples, but he was frozen by them, perfect round nipples, long and hard from their embrace. He knelt in front of her and started to pull down her pants. He rolled the spandex because it stuck to her sweat covered legs. His face stood inches from her pussy, the pungent aroma permeated his nostrils. He could see the wetness between her lips. She had recently shaved and there was no hair to disguise her excitement. His tongue protruded forth toward her without thought, she stopped his head with her hand. “Not until we shower” She wiggled the shorts fully off and turned toward the bathroom. He heard the shower start. Lou was half naked when her heard her call “Coming?”
He hurried off the rest of his equally sweaty clothes and bounced toward the shower. He walked into a steam filled room, bigger than he expected for the size of the apartment. He could barely see from the steam, the warmth of it felt pleasant against his nakedness. His erection from earlier had subsided, but quickly came back when the shower door opened. She was perfection. Her breasts now wet were even more perfect, the brown nipples glistening with hot water. His gaze followed the natural curves of her body as she stood welcoming him. Her abdomen was perfectly flat, with a slight ripple of muscle, but remaining very feminine. Her pussy lips were long and pink, without any hair to hide them he wanted to jump at her immediately, but took his time without letting his eyes move from her legs. He stood still and stared and his erection grew. She became self conscious for a moment while he stared, but his hardening cock removed any doubt. It was long and thick, dark with veins and a mushroom shaped dark head which looked large and delicious.
He stepped into the shower, into her welcoming arms. He kissed her hard on the mouth, tongue to tongue. She embraced the warm saliva mixed with the hot steamy water. He left her mouth and softly kissed her cheek, then her neck, slowly he kissed her shoulder, his head travelled down to her chest as he bent forward. His mouth engulfed her nipple, he sucked hard. The vacuum on her nipple made it long and hard, he nibbled on it gently like a gummy bear. She held his head has he sucked hard, then soft, she was in ecstasy. He lifted his head and reached for the soap, lather covered his hands as he massaged her breasts and brought the silky shea butter soap around to her back, then lower to her ass. She was covered in thin film of soap which made her slippery and made her feel very sexy. He brought his around to her back, then lowered it to her wet ass and pulled her in tight. She nearly came when his finger found her asshole. He turned her to rinse off her breasts and returned her nipple to his mouth, unrelenting in delivering pleasure, his finger dug deeper into her anus. She had never liked anything anal, but this was wonderful. Strange waves of pleasure hit her as his finger fully plunged in and out of her lubricated asshole. The soap allowed him to introduce a second finger and she began to move her butt back and forth to meet the full length of his fingers. She felt the waves of pleasure rise up from her ass to her back and stomach, she felt weak. She gasped and came suddenly, her throbbing vagina not yet touched. She couldn’t believe it, the powerful orgasm she had experienced from his fingers in her ass left her breathing heavy and wanting more.
He looked her in the eyes and kissed her again. Lou then knelt in front of her and started to attack her clitoris with his tongue. She could hardly believe what was happening, this gorgeous man was devoting himself to her pleasure. Her first orgasm had left her breathless and her clitoris was not in his mouth, she felt the familiar tingling start again. Her clit had swollen from her orgasm and was ultra sensitive, he rolled it between his tongue and teeth, the pressure sent jolts of electric like pleasure waves through to her back. She was moving her pelvis rhythmically with his licking, she had to hold herself up as her legs weakened, she brought her other hand to the back of his head and thrust herself forward as the pleasure built up.
He found the taste of her intoxicating, the mix of steamy hot water, trace of soap and the river of secretions from her hot cunt were in his mouth. He wanted to suck for days, this was utter heaven. Her pussy was beautiful, smooth, and flat, link pink and brown on the outer folds and deep pink below her clitoris. Her clit had grown to twice its length as he sucked. He made his tongue straight and hard to dive it deep into her like a small penis. She move her hips to fuck his hardened tongue. He grabbed her ass with both hands to massage it and bring his face in closer.
The waves of pleasure grew and grew, she felt a second orgasm coming. She was barely able to stand now, his tongue was flicking her clit rapidly as he alternated between licking and sucking. The contractions started in her thighs, then her buttocks, her asshole closed hard and she grunted, then gasped as her orgasm took hold. More powerful than the first, she became momentarily dizzy and almost passed out. Her pussy felt like it was covered in hot peppers, it was on fire. Lou kept licking, she had to back away because it was too intense. He stood up and again looked into her eyes. He brought her hand to his hard cock, it was hot and slick from the steam and hot water. She put her hand around it and couldn’t believe its girth.
She quickly got the soap and covered his rock hard dick and her hands to make them slippery. She moved across the whole length of his erection with her soapy hands and he groaned out loud. The effect on him was immediate and intense she moved her hands back and forth quickly and he started to shake on the verge of orgasm. She stopped suddenly, she didn’t want him to cum yet. She rinsed his throbbing hard cock under the water to remove the soap. While he had his eyes closed she turned the water to cold, he jumped and yelled, but it had the desired effect and his erection softened and moved him from the verge of orgasm. The water became hot again and she kneeled in front of him.
She traced down his chest and abdomen with her hands, ripples of muscle with just enough hair began to excite her anew. She reached his manhood and placed it directly into her mouth. It grew quickly to its full and massive erect state. She moved her mouth to a smaller o shaped size and popped his cock in and out to create the feeling of suction, with her hand she moved across his shaft quickly. She did this a few times and felt him begin to tense up, his buttocks clenched. She anticipated his orgasm and began swallowing as the first spurts of his cum hit the back of her throat. He came and came, she almost didn’t keep up with the volume of his semen but she managed to keep it all in her mouth, and swallow it. The taste was perfect, hot water mixed with salt, it tasted of a man and her body knew it.
He brought her to standing and kissed her on the neck softly, then on the mouth. He could taste his own cum and it excited him. She was already throbbing again, her cunt became heated again when she was tasting his love juice. She reached down to find him hard again, she had never seen a man become this hard again this quickly. He reached for the soap and began to spread it over her body, she turned around to help cover her self with it. His hands glided down to her ass and began spreading it to her cheeks and between them. His hand moved to her asshole and found her opening with his fingers. She felt him position himself behind her and knew what was coming. His cock was between her cheeks and touched her anus, slowly he pushed and the soap and arousal welcomed him. She pushed back and felt the surge of pleasure as her entered him. She had never tried anal sex, and had never wanted to, but she now felt full and the pleasure was intense as it travelled forward toward her now gushing pussy. He reached around and began to make small circles on her clitoris as he began to thrust pushing his dick all the way until she felt his balls slap at her ass.
Faster he moved in and out as his hand kept the pressure on her clitoris. She was breathing fast, and ripples of pleasure moved up and down her body. His cock was filling up her ass and she was loving it. Her hips moved to meet him as they found a motion together. His grunts told her he was ready as well, she needed one more minute. She put her hand over his and modified the pressure on her clit just enough to increase her arousal. Her legs started to buckle as he was moving faster still. She heard him gasp and push forward deeply and hard, an incredible warmth erupted into her rectum as he came, it felt like gallons. That was all she needed and she exploded into orgasm. They turned to face each other and kissed again, as they lowered themselves onto the floor of the shower and sat there as the water washed over them.
Finally, what could have been an hour, she stood up and turned off the water, the bathroom was covered in moisture every square inch. They dried off and crawled into bed exhausted and found a deep sleep.
Chapter 2
That experience stayed with her for days.

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